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Dating a Taurus Man is Quite a Challenge. No Kidding!

Enjoy their sense of humor.

Tauruses love to joke around. Their sense of humor tends to be occasionally immature and center elementary school subjects.

However, Tauruses ability to laugh at simple things can be endearing. Learn to lighten up yourself and laugh at the stupid stuff. Astrologers believe Tauruses dislike game playing. They prefer matches that will be upfront about their emotions. Be sure to tell a Taurus what you're feeling, good or bad. If there's a problem, a Taurus would rather talk it out directly than beat around the bush.

Tauruses have a lot of interests and passions and have no patience for a partner who holds them back.

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Learn about compatibility and who makes the best match for a Taurus However , finding love takes time for this pair and the relationship develops slowly. A Taurus man is one of the nicest guys out there and a true pleasure to date. This is a man who's always willing to go that extra mile to treat a lady.

Allow a Taurus to pursue new hobbies and career moves without judgment. Due to their supposed stubborn nature, Tauruses will not be easily talked out of whims. This way, you will stay busy while your Taurus match pursues their own ambitions. Embrace your sensual side. Some believe Tauruses are a more sensual match Frequent hugging, cuddling, and kisses make them feel secure.

Make touch a regular part of your relationship to please a Taurus. Be patient with the relationship. Astrologers believe Tauruses have a tendency to move slow in a relationship, so don't try to force intimacy early on. Let the relationship progress at its own rate. If a Taurus isn't ready to label the relationship, for example, have patience and give them time.

Dating a Taurus Man

Tauruses simply need a lot of time to think things over. Once they settle on a partner, they will be loving and loyal. Talk over jealousy issues. Tauruses tend to be a little jealous, which can cause conflict in a relationship. Luckily, Tauruses are open to straightforward discussions about relationships issues. If your Taurus's jealousy is becoming a problem for you, simply say so to open up a dialogue about the issue.

Learn to deal with their stubborn nature. It's hard to talk a Taurus out of something once they've made up their mind. Learn to pick your battles wisely. Unless something is a major issue for you, learn to go along with the program when dating a Taurus. Bigger issues should be addressed, however. If your partner is consistently making you late for work due to the "shortcut," talk it out.

Tauruses care deeply about their partners and want them to be happy, which can override their stubbornness. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Astrology Relationships In other languages: Choose activities where the talents of Leo are on display, or where he can at least dress up. For Leo to successfully choose an activity that will suit Taurus, he needs to consider carefully her past choices and choose accordingly. Otherwise, Taurus is going to spend the evening picking apart the activity, the people and Leo himself. Taurus is a very opinionated sign and there is no stopping the bull once it sees red. For a simple dinner and a movie date, the Taurus should choose where to dine.

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Then Taurus should choose what movie to see. As long as Leo is the center of attention to Taurus, this arrangement will work fine. Once Leo gets bored however, all bets are off. Where most signs may be miserly with their own money, Taurus is cheap with everyone's money. She will not be impressed with lavish gifts and expensive nights out.

Leo loves to shop and spend. He doesn't understand that Taurus really wants to stay home and watch a DVD instead of going out so that people can admire her beauty. While the relationship is new, Leo will go along with whatever Taurus wants. As the relationship develops, Leo will assert his lion side and demand that they go out. He can expect Taurus to gripe, even though he pays for everything. Should the Leo in question be female, she should expect that she is going to be the one opening her wallet as the relationship progresses.

If they split the check, Taurus will get out his calculator and get it down to the nearest penny. These two set the bedroom ablaze with fighting. Leo is exuberant and that tends to annoy the more sedate Taurus. Both want to have their way to such a degree that most of the passion goes to arguing rather than lovemaking.

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It can work if they can take turns getting their own way. The long-term outlook for Leo and Taurus is for a constant struggle and battle of the wills.


Blending into the crowd will not please ego-driven Leo. This is a man who's always willing to go that extra mile to treat a lady right. According to zodiac sign compatibility, Taurus is most compatible with Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces. Taureans love luxury, and therefore, luxurious and conservative romantic dates are a sure way a Taurus man's heart. Lighting candles and making it aromatic will turn a Taurus on. So it is better to wait until they make up their mind.

If they can come to mutual agreements about money and prestige, it can work. For it to work, both Leo and Taurus are going to have to be open, honest and understanding about their partner's and their own idiosyncrasies.

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